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Nadia talks about her creative journey and how understudying a Broadway show "feels like having casual sex with someone you're secretly in love with."


Praise for ORIGINAL SOLO SHOW: IN YOUR SHOES, a one-woman, mulit-character mystery- NYC International Fringe Festival

"The subject of class is never far from the surface. Leo (Chris De Oni in a hammy performance) boasts of being an engineer when Chichi (the superb Nadia Bowers) corrects him: “Yeah, painting houses, fixing roofs.”- NY Times
ROMANIA, KISS ME!- 59 E. 59th St.

"Nadia Bowers lends texture and dignity to this single woman... Bowers has just the right vulnerability and maturity for Maya, who recognizes in Miles a fellow bookish soul still smarting from a botched marriage."- LA TIMES

"Jack doesn’t need to be shown much; he leaps into an all-out fling with the winery worker Terra and helps arrange for the recently divorced Miles to get closer with Maya (an earthy and engaging Nadia Bowers), a waitress whom he’d bonded with earlier."- UT San Diego

"Bowers is soft, sweet, appealing and funny especially when she talks about her rich, now ex husband and how she split the property when she left him."- SD Examiner

"Nadia Bowers as Susan has an enlivening sense of comedic timing. In appearance and stage energy she reminded me of Teri Garr in the prime of her career." -
SIDEWAYS- La Jolla Playhouse

"Nadia Bowers is often hilarious as the narcissistic Susan, whose shifty means of procuring a free plane ride to Minneapolis will soon spell trouble for her sister and brother-in-law. Bowers spouts Susan's kooky, New Age-y convictions with ditzy aplomb, as when Susan justifies her invasion of her sister's home by calmly stating, 'I'm opening myself up to the universal flow.'"- AP
COLLAPSE- City Center, The Women's Project
"As Theresa, Bowers delivers a finely etched portrait of a woman whose power over men is not matched by a corresponding self-confidence."- Boston Globe

"Bowers beautifully handles the challenges of her character who believes herself to be open and unfettered, yet carries her secrets and pain not far below the surface."-

"Kudisch is never funnier than in the set-piece where, to prove her contention that Tartuffe isn't what he claims to be, Elmire (Nadia Bowers), wife to the bamboozled Orgon (Mark Nelson), entices Tartuffe into seducing her on a table under which her husband is listening in. For sure, the scene wouldn't be as hilarious if Bowers did not match Kudisch rhymed couplet for rhymed couplet in comic aplomb."- Theatermania
TARTUFFE- Westport Country Playhouse

"Nadia Bowers makes Jasmina a beguiling, irreverent young Bosnian chain-smoker. "- NY Times

"Bowers in particular is a clear and present performer. She knows her craft and is willing to push the envelope because she is secure in her place on the stage. I look forward to seeing much, much more of her and couldn’t help but wish that someone would cast her in a play with Nina Arianda who is appearing in Venus in Fur at Classic Stage. THAT would be something to see."- NY Theatre Guide
DOG AND WOLF- 59 E. 59th St.

"In such a context, it's only the very smallest roles that sometimes escape the directorial push for clamor; you have to scrape to find virtues here...  the mix of lucidity and panic in Nadia Bowers's Artemidorus—maybe 12 bearable minutes, all told, out of two hours plus."
- Village Voice
JULIUS CAESAR- Shakespeare in the Park, Publlc